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Twas the Night Before Christmas

By Greg Swanson, Safety Officer

(Biker Safety Version)

Twas the night before Christmas with my bike sound asleep,
Not a sound of an engine, not a single little peep.
The helmets and gloves hung on the wall with care,
In hope that this winter would disappear in thin air.

I looked at my gear and prepared for the long haul,
Wishing it were Spring instead of late Fall.
I try on my gloves with the hope that they’ll last,
From all the riding that I have done in this year past.

Why does it have to be such a long winters nap,
From November to April is too big of a gap.
But, for now, I keep dreaming of nice weather again,
Like a two o’clock ride when it’s only quarter to ten.

But as I was thinking, I heard such a clatter,
My thoughts went from riding to see what’s the matter.
I looked out the window and saw something strange,
It was loud, it was bright, still a bit out of range.

The sound and the sight were familiar to me,
But it came across the sky and on the roof it would be.
It had LEDs, Screamin’ Eagles, all was top rate,
Including that new engine, the Milwaukee Eight.

And off the bike jumped a really big guy,
Wearing the coolest outfit that money could buy.
He was covered in leather, but it was Red and not Black!
And I couldn’t help but notice the large bag on his back. 

Red chaps and red boots, red leather coat too,
Red gloves and red scarf, not one bit of it blue.
His face was all red but void of any scratches,
His jacket was loaded with HOG pins and HOG patches.

He put down his huge bag and said with a smile,
“Glad to be back, I know it’s been quite a while.
For you I have boots, and gloves, and sunglasses, too,
I have florescent orange and bright yellow for you.”

I looked at the accessories as if they were candy,
And tools of all kinds, so glad I am handy.
There were shirts, and hats, and jackets galore,
There were boots of all sizes, who could ask for much more?

An endless supply of a biker’s wish list,
More than imaginable if you get my gist.
But I noticed there was one thing that was set aside,
Turns out it was a shiny brand new 2020 Road Glide.

He made my day, my month, and even my year,
Out of the corner of my eye he had noticed a tear.
For he knew it was me that he was coming to see,
And he knew I’d been looking at the new twin V.

He had to go so he could see all the others,
Certainly all my HOG sisters and brothers.
He had planned and plotted, on his GPS he charted,
Then grabbed his bag, milk and cookies, and soon parted.

He revved that big engine and let out the clutch,
I hoped the roof shingles would last, oh so much.
And alas he moved forward after looking both ways,
For we all know that clearing our path certainly pays.

He shot into the night sky heading out nationwide,
Shouting, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good ride!”
He faded from view but he made this one vow,
That at every stop he’d text and ask, “Where am I now?”


Merry Christmas to All