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Challenge Book Tips and Frequently Asked Questions


The lighthouse listed in Dunkirk is in New York, NOT Ohio

Covered Bridges

Benetka is on a dirt road

Harpersfield is closed

Riverview is a 5 mile walk

Double Dipping

Points for rides to Roadside Attractions or Sponsors can be taken along with points for rides, however the ride must also have other destinations or stops.  Ride should not be listed as a ride to the attraction, name it as “loop to & date”. In other words, a ride directly to a roadside attraction and back is just that. Credit can be given to attraction only. A ride that includes these places along the route can also claim attending a ride as detailed on page 24.

Points can be given in both places if the attraction or sponsor destination is a HOG group ride. For example, the monthly dinner rides.

An individual cannot Lead a Ride (page 23) and ALSO Attend a Ride (page 24) for the same event. 

Event Volunteer and Attend

This is an either/or option. 

Yes, the Highway Cleanup can be included on this page.

Roadside Attractions

Roadside attractions can be anything you find interesting and believe maybe others would as well.

Click here for the addresses of the recommended attractions listed in the book.

Chapter Rocker Challenge

Rockers must be from different H.O.G. Chapters. Random organizations are not included.


There is a limit of entering three visits to each of our sponsors. If you have a favorite sponsor, please visit as many times as you wish. Two of those visits must be on your Harley. One entry is permitted using your cage. It is not necessary to visit twice on the bike prior to the cage visit.

Here's the link to Cody's Wheels of Hope.


Tips and suggestions

We've learned a lot from last year and made changes that we hope makes things easier and clearer. We are always looking for suggestions to improve our program. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email Bob McNabb at

Here are some tips that may help build points:

Ride365 Riders Challenge & Mileage Award (page 8)

This page was returned by many without being completely filled in. Don't forget to fill in the Ride365 Riders information. Points are given for entering BOTH beginning and ending readings. Don't forget to enter your Average Mileage Guess.