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Erie Harley Owners Group

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Dan Iavarone & Ray Vaughn Talk About Rider Safety
Check out the YouTube video HERE.

Group Riding

Our group has many group rides and encourages members and their guests to join us.  All that we ask is that you obey the 'Rules of the Road' and take a moment to learn our group riding procedures and hand signals as shown in the video below to help keep our rides safe and fun.

We HIGHLY recommend that every member watch the MSF Group Riding video at least once each year.

Before the Ride:
Come to the ride prepared.

  • Arrive with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder.

  • Bring appropriate riding gear for the expected range of conditions.

  • Check your bike thoroughly before the ride. Proper maintenance is the key for a day of safe riding. Remember T-CLOCS.

During the Ride:
Know your limits and ride within them, never ride above your abilities.

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Motorcycle
  • Environment
  • Experience level
  • Maintain a constant speed. This helps reduce the “rubber band effect”.

  • Always ride in a tight but courteous staggered formation or single file line.

  • Your eyes should be watching a few bikes up the road, not fixed on the bike directly in front of you. Always look at least 4 seconds ahead.

  • Riding side by side is very dangerous and against the law.  The only time bikes are to be side by side is when the group is stopped at an intersection.

  • When in a curve, the rider on the outside of the curve should give room to the rider on the inside of the curve to allow the use of the full width of the lane to safely negotiate the curve.

  • Review and become familiar with group riding guidelines.