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Entering Ride Planner Ride to Boom Box

(For bike years prior to 2019)

Open the Navigation Screen


Highlight the Navigation Bar and choose Menu


From the next screen, highlight "Import"


Select "Import"


From the next screen highlight "USB" and select


Find your ride and select it. (I'm using Double D's as an example. The names will be

what you named them when you created them) 


Choose "Select All"


On the next screen select the USB image on the right


Select "Yes"


Select "OK"

Once this step is complete you need to load the ride to your Map Screen

To enter a ride into your Map for navigating, open the Navigation Screen and select "Where To" 


On the next screen select "More"


Next screen select "Trips"


On this screen, find your ride, highlight it and select it


On the next screen select "Start". This will start to load the ride into your map.


The percentages (lower right) will appear as it is loading


When the percentages reaches 100% the "Go" button will highlight. Select it.

It will now load into your map screen and give you directions.

Once you have several rides loaded in this manner, you will need to delete some rides because

the bike will only hold so many. To delete rides from the Boom Box follow these instructions.


After finding your ride with the "Where To", "More" and "Trips" buttons,

highlight and select "Pencil" button on the right.


This screen will appear. Scroll down till you see "Delete". 


Select the "Delete"


Select "Yes" to delete the selected ride.