Erie Harley Owners Group

"We Love to Ride and Have Fun!"

WelcomE to Erie HOG Chapter 2293

We all know what it feels like to be the new person in the crowd, and all the questions and uncertainties that go along with that. So, we've created this page to hopefully answer some of your questions. If you don't find all your answers on our website, or want to discuss anything with others, feel free to reach out to any of our Officers or members. Everyone's always willing to help and provide information. 


Here are some things to consider with your HOG membership

  • Our Harley Davidson of Erie dealership has generously provided the membership with a gathering room located behind the service department. The HD Erie team works closely with our membership and provides support when needed. 
  • HD Erie offers a reward program to HOG members for attending and/or volunteering for certain events. Be sure to ask any of the employees for details. Follow the dealership's Facebook page to learn about ongoing deals and information.
  • Don't forget about the Harley Davidson Ride 365 Program. By submitting your information at the dealership, Harley Davidson will track your mileage and send out rewards when you reach certain milestones. Additionally, your miles will be included in our Chapter's rankings. Sign up for this program by visiting the front desk at the dealership.

For membership inquiries, please email our Membership Officer.

Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are held first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the HOG Room located at the back of the HD Erie dealership (past the service department) to review recent events and plan future activities. The dress code is very casual. 

Upon arriving at each meeting, all members are asked to sign in. (Your HOG and/or Harley Davidson ID numbers are not required to sign in.) At this point, you will also have the optional opportunity of joining in on two 50/50 drawings. One for the general membership, the other for the Ladies of Harley. Cost for each drawing is $1 each or 3 for $2. Proceeds help to fund the many activities held by each of these groups.

Generally, we try to end the meetings by 8:00 p.m. Afterwards, members are invited to gather at a nearby pub or restaurant for food and/or drinks. The location of the get-together is organized by our Activities Director. Participation is optional, and it's best to RSVP to the Activities Director to aid when making reservations.

Ladies of Harley (LOH)

Our LOH hosts several events throughout the year, including meetings generally held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Locations of these monthly meeting vary depending on the activity and details are always provided at the monthly Gathering, on our website, on Facebook, as well as on our calendar.

Some of the events our LOH hosts include:

  • Organizing a gift basket raffle for the annual M.D.A. Miles for Smiles Ride.
  • Creating and assembling handmade quilts, used as raffle prizes for fundraisers to fund the donation of food boxes to the Sisters of St. Joseph. 
  • Hosting an annual picnic for the general membership in September, including numerous baked items prepared by the LOH members.
  • Assists our Director in hosting our annual Christmas party open to the general membership.

Details on joining the LOH are here.

Website and Facebook

We try to keep our website updated with the latest activities and upcoming events. Our Calendar page is set up with Google, allowing you the ability to combine with your personal calendar.

Our website has a private area accessible to our members only. In this area, you'll find our quarterly newsletters; a pictorial directory of many of our members; powerpoint presentations and minutes from our monthly Gatherings. A password will be provided to you once your membership is processed (a Welcome Letter will be mailed to you), or watch for emails from our Director.

Our Facebook page is open to Erie HOG members only. Visit our page Erie H. O. G. and ask to be joined. You will be approved once your membership is verified. (Please note, spouses will not be accepted onto our Facebook page unless they are HOG members.) For non-members, we do have a Friends page open to the public.

Rides and Events

Announcements and details about rides and events can be found by attending our Gatherings, on our website, through Facebook, or on our calendar

We ask that all participants on group rides arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled KSU/PBO (Kick Stands Up/Parking Brakes Off). With very few exceptions, we leave promptly at the scheduled time. Have a full tank of gas and an empty bladder. Every attempt is made to have a restroom facility available onsite, but be prepared. Scheduled stops are included on long rides to replenish and/or refresh.

HOG members are required to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles on all scheduled rides (exceptions will be noted). Non-HOG members are welcome to join our group rides, however, their participation may be limited. Please ask any of the Officers for information or check out our group riding page for more details.

We try to keep our website as updated as possible. However due to limited access, it's not always possible to get last minute details or changes uploaded. Because most of our members have the ability to access Facebook and can post updates, it's your best source of information the day of a ride or event. Additionally, last minute cancellations or changes are provided through a service, called RainedOut, that provides a text or email. Refer to your Welcome Letter for details on how to subscribe.

During the active riding season, our Chapter has a Mileage Awards program. If you choose to join, you'll be asked to submit your odometer reading monthly to the Head Road Captain. In addition to "Bragging Rights", participants have the chance to receive rewards and certificates. Details are provided during the Gatherings and on our website. For more questions, contact the Head Road Captain.

Annual Events

The LOH hosts this event in September. This adult-only event includes catered food, a gift basket raffle, games and prizes. All registrants will be asked to purchase tickets prior to the picnic.

Food Baskets
While the LOH is tasked with the organizing and fundraising, the general membership joins in to help assemble and deliver food boxes that are donated to needy families, via the Sisters of St. Joseph, during the holidays. With the many volunteers that help, the entire task takes less than 15 minutes. Once the boxes are filled and the pictures have been taken, everyone heads out for a celebratory dinner. Later that week, volunteers will assemble once again to deliver the boxes to the Sisters of St. Joseph.  

Christmas Party
The Christmas party is hosted by the LOH and Officers. Tickets sales will be announced a couple of months prior to the catered event. Music and dancing are included. There is no set dress code.